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Mounted Shooters of Canada Wranglers 



Peewee Wrangler
● Under the age of 10 as of the day after the 2022 CMSA World Championships.
● Requires being led through the course, walked beside through the course, or the parent being anywhere on the course.
● Will be wearing CMSA competition attire (see CMSA rule book for clarification)
● Will NOT participate in any ground shooting
● Automatically will score 60 seconds per run
● Move up optional

Novice Wrangler
● Under the age of 12 as of the day after the 2022 CMSA World Championships.
● Ride through the course on their own with no assistance
● Parent/Guardian will not cross the timer line but can be in the arena
● Engage all targets as per CMSA Wrangler rules
● Will be wearing CMSA competition attire and at least 2 cap/airsoft gun
● Will NOT participate in any ground shooting
● Penalties are the same as adult counterparts, as per decision by Range Master
● Scoring as per CMSA rules
● Move up optional

Junior Wrangler
● Ages 12 to 17 as of the day after the 2022 CMSA World Championships in October
● Will be required to wear CMSA competition attire and use 2 cap/airsoft guns.
● Engage all targets as per CMSA Wrangler rules
● Penalties are the same as adult counterparts, as per decision by Range Master
● Scoring as per CMSA
● Must demonstrate skill level and gun handling before the competition begins
● If Range Master has approved, the Wrangler will shoot

Ground Shooting:
● Within arms distance and in direct supervision of the following:
▪ A designated person with a valid Restricted PAL
▪ The Range Master
▪ A Parent/Guardian (as specified by current letter)
● Wrangler shall NOT have Holsters on while ground shooting.
● Before shooting begins:
▪ Eye Protection & Ear Protection must be worn by the wrangler at all times while ground shooting.
● A firing line will be established:
▪ The stage will be set
▪ The range will be declared clear by the range master ONLY
▪ The area will be warned by the range master by stating “fire in the hole”
▪ The Loaded revolver will be handed to the Wrangler by the designated person with a Restricted PAL who will be at arm’s length to the Wrangler and will be in direct control of the Wrangler.

Once the stage has been completed the Wrangler will hand the revolver back to the designated person with the Restricted PAL.

Mounted Shooters of Canada Wrangler Information


Must attend a minimum of 3 Canadian CMSA shooting competitions to qualify for Canadian Finals Shoot and Season Leader prizes. Two of these must be Canadian CMSA shoots, and one may be either a CMSA or MSC approved shoot (example an MSC Jackpot).

Any Wranglers ground shooting in Saskatchewan must be 12 years old and have a current Firearms Safety Certificate.

Pylon cones may be placed on course to direct Wranglers through the course (if requested). If the pylons are requested the wranglers must follow the set pattern. If a wrangler is left-handed there will be exceptions to the set cone pattern.

Novice and Junior Wranglers will be briefed and walked through patterns on their horses prior to being timed (if requested).

Parent(s) must designate a guardian if they are absent from any shoot. The Wrangler must carry a current letter with them stating the parent’s permission for the Wrangler to participate at the shoot.

No Wrangler under 18 years of age shall fire any firearms while mounted at any event on Canadian soil.

Have a current membership to a Canadian Mounted Shooting Club. Wranglers are not required to have a CMSA membership. Please notify the host club of your wrangler entry before the Wednesday prior to the shoot.

Will have a current membership to SHF/AEF or equivalent.

The requirement for a Wrangler to wear a helmet will be determined by the host club, as this would fall under their insurance. The MSC strongly recommends that all Wranglers wear helmets.

The level in which a wrangler will compete will be decided by each wrangler’s parent/guardian. This must be made clear prior to competition.

The Range Master’s call is final on all missed or hit targets. This is a non-appealable call and no appeal will be heard and no score adjusted.

If there is a grievance concerning a wrangler run:
● Review the wrangler CMSA rules and the MSC wrangler categories and rules
● Immediately go to the match director with your grievance, do not approach the rangemaster. If the rangemaster chooses they may approach the wrangler before they leave the arena and inform them of their penalties and why they received them. If there is no time for this the rangemaster will make notes for each wrangler (if penalties) and these will be made available to the wrangler
● Cost to make an office grievance is $50, which must be presented before the grievance will be considered
● The Match Director will take it to the grievance committee and a decision will be made.

Clubs must send in the results from ANY CMSA or MSC Jackpot shoot within 5 days after the shoot. Results must be recorded by overall standings just like the adults. This will include all 3 categories. For the MSC Finals the Peewee’s will be competing by time, there will be no automatic 60 seconds. (This prevents ties from happening).

Send Wrangler Tracking sheets to Kristin:



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