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MSC Shoot Guidelines




  • All non-CMSA Shoots must be approved by the MSC committee at least 30 days in advance

  • Have at least 10 riders (not including wranglers) to qualify for Canadian Finals.


  • Clubs are responsible to get all results into the MSC contact. 
    Match results for weekend events shall be submitted to in a excel document within 4 days after the shoot. Any shoots with results not submitted within the timeline are subject to forfeit.


  • Clubs must send in wrangler results from ANY CMSA or MSC Jackpot shoot within 4 days after the shoot.
    Results should be recorded in the same fashion as main match/ adult standings. Please include all 3 categories.(Peewee, Novice, Junior) 
    For the MSC Finals, the Peewee’s will be competing by time, there will be no automatic 60 seconds. (This prevents ties from happening).
    Send Wrangler Tracking sheets to Kristin:



  • The MSC does not require host clubs or event producers to follow a pre-set payback formula, but does require that host clubs and event producers publish paybacks and added money that is guaranteed and does not change.

  • All approved qualifying shoots must take place in Canada. 

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