MSC Shoot Guidelines


All CMSA RULES APPLY TO MSC SHOOTS including the following:




All non-CMSA Shoots must be approved by the MSC committee at least 30 days in advance

Have at least 10 riders (not including wranglers) to qualify for Canadian Finals.


Clubs are responsible to get all results into the MSC contact.  Match results for weekend events shall be submitted to in a word document within 4 days after the shoot. Any shoots with results not submitted within the timeline are subject to forfeit.


Clubs must send in wrangler results from ANY CMSA or MSC Jackpot shoot within 5 days after the shoot. Results must be recorded by overall standings just like the adults. This will include all 3 categories. For the MSC Finals the Peewee’s will be competing by time, there will be no automatic 60 seconds. (This prevents ties from happening). Send Wrangler Tracking sheets to Kristin:



The MSC does not require host clubs or event producers to follow a pre-set payback formula, but does require that host clubs and event producers publish paybacks and added money that is guaranteed and does not change.

All approved qualifying shoots must take place in Canada.